Young girl enjoying the Juiceator™


Juice Powerhouse is proud to announce the launch of Juiceator, the fun and easy to use citrus fruit juicer, that will be enjoyed by your children and the rest of your family!




All you have to do is simply place Juiceator into a citrus fruit and its unique patented design will do all the magic!
Just squeeze the fruit and drink the juice!

Juiceator's attractive design created in the UK, made from one piece of hard, clear, high quality food grade plastic with no sharp edges or moving parts is safe to use and is recommended for anyone over four years!

"We believe, Juiceator could also contribute to combat child obesity as it is so much fun for children to use" explains Sarah Barnard, marketing director of Juice Powerhouse, "Using it may set a trend among young people, filling their bellies with fruit juice full of vitamins rather than chocolate bars, fatty crisps or fast food!"

Unique advantages of Juiceator:

  • Don't need to cut or peel the fruit to place it onto or into a manual or an electric juicer!

  • Don't need a knife!

  • Don't need glasses to drink from!

  • Don't have to spend time making juice for your kids they can do it themselves!

  • Keeps kids quiet and on diet!

  • Easy to clean!

Citrus fruit fact files:

  • The ultimate source of vitamin C!

  • Helps to maintain a healthy body and mind!

  • Helps avoiding cold related illnesses!

  • Excellent thirst killer!

  • Throwing peels/skin away in nature is forgivable as they are biodegradable unlike soft drink cans and bottles, which endanger wild life and pollute environment!


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